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This is a true Urethane, not some cheap acrylic enamel like others sell!
Comparison of Acrylic Enamel vs Single Stage Urethane:
* Acrylic Enamel may last for 5 years on a regular used car whereas Single Stage Urethane may last 10 plus years, or longer, especially if well kept
* Acrylic Enamel dry way slower than Urethane thus meaning even more time until you can wet sand and buff, which means more shop time
* Acrylic Enamel doesn't have the depth of color like a TRUE Single Stage Urethane does, especially when a Single Stage Urethane paint job has been wet sanded and buffed

Benefits of our Single Stage
East to Spray (Pearl Colors & Metallic Colors take a little more skill)
Exceptional Gloss
Easy to Wet Sand & Buff (Recommend Buffing solid colors only)
Awesome Depth!
Mix Ratio 4:1:1
4 Parts Paint
1 Part Activator
1 Part Reducer


12oz of basecoat in an aerosol can
Features of the paint
Awesome Coverage
Good Color Match (No guarantees because there are so many variables)
Great for Spot Jobs or Completes
European Technology
Use what the professional shops use
We provide tech support
All Paint is hand mixed
Must be clearcoated


Features of the 2K Clearcoat
2K clear coat with very high chemical, gasoline, and weather resistance for high-quality
and long-term sealing of repair paint jobs and new paint jobs on cars and motorcycles.
Maximum resistance to abrasion and scratching
Very smooth flow
Lasting high gloss
Very good polishing ability
No color deviation
Outstanding painting surface
Suitable even at higher ambient temperatures
Transparent color finish


Clear Coat kits come with a medium activator. If another speed activator is desired, the
following speeds are available. (Fast-60 degrees and lower), (Medium-77 degrees and
lower), (Slow-86 degrees and lower),. Please specify the speed of the activator when
ordering in the messages or notes, if not specified, you will receive a medium activator
for the clear.
Features of the Clear Coat
4:1 Mix ratio
Medium Solids
Sprays Easy
Great UV Protection
Sands and Buffs Easy!
2-3 Coats Needed


Colors will NOT be an exact mix
Any questions referring to technical data, please reference the Tintable Raptor Bedliner
Kit on U-Pol's Website.